By Christian van Dijk


By Christian van Dijk

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The long awaited game with art by The Mico will be released on kickstarter in may 2022! Make sure to subscribe so we will update you when the time is there!

    The year 2050, an emergency at the airport!

    A passenger plane has been hijacked by unknown hijackers. The airport has been cordoned off and the plane is surrounded by police.


    Efforts must be made as soon as possible to ensure that passengers are safely evacuated from the aircraft and that the hijackers are persuaded to surrender.

    As a negotiator, are you able to free passengers before the police team invades the plane?

    How to play?

    The game is played in different rounds in which players use two dice each round to get passenger cards or do other actions which gives them points or so called ‘demands’.


    Players also build trust, so the hijackers are willing to negotiate with them.


    The negotiators are able to work together in order to free as many passengers as they
    can, but can also try and work on their own.

    Quick intro

    Hijacked is a dice placement (euro) game where players take on the role of negotiators who must save as many passengers from a hijacked plane, before the police enters.

    It is specially designed to have a deep and intens game experience, but without a duration that is too long. So 20 minutes per player it is. With ‘deep’, we mean not too deep, so that almost everybody can easily play!

    We believe that high quality can go hand in hand with sustainability. Our game is eco friendly and produced with the best natural materials! We try to the keep our ecological footprint as low as possible and try to respect the beautiful world we live in. We only have one!

    The game is colour blind friendly!

    We produce eco friendly games only!

    We are based in The Netherlands.